Buccal / Nasal

Buccal and nasal models

SaSc_121009_Bild_bukkales Gewebe

Transmucosal routes of drug delivery offer distinct advantages compared with oral administration for systemic drug delivery.
These advantages include the bypass of the „first pass effect“ and a very fast absorption. Through this delivery method potentially even highly potent biopharmaceuticals could be made available.


The following example of questions could be answered with our nasal-buccal-models:

  • How can I develop the right mucoadhesive tablet or patch?
  • How can I measure the API release and absorption from my new developed orodispersible tablets?
  • Is my nasal spray well tolerated?
  • Do the excipients or preservatives have an nasal irritation effect?
  • Is my API systemically or only locally available?
  • Do the excipients or preservatives have an influence on the absorption of the API?



Buccal porcine tissue

  • permeability kinetics
  • Influence of enhancer

Nasal porcine tissue
(Ussing Chamber)

  • Permeability kinetics
  • Influence of excipient / enhancer