Cell culture systems and tissue based systems

In the field of cell and tissue based systems we have established and validated in vitro-models that simulate the most essential absorption barriers of the body. All models are suited to examine permeability, transportation mechanism and, given to appropriate analytics, the metabolism of the test substances at determined barriers. Accordingly, the permeability coefficient of the substance under examination is calculated and compared with at least two reference substances.

Low-cost standard assays are also available and can be adapted to particular requests of our customer.

Physicochemical profilingĀ 

Physicochemical strategies focused on the determination and interpretation of solubility, lipophilicity and other related molecular qualities are used to accelerate drug discovery and development processes.

We are aware that in the pharmaceutical industry the best substance is not necessarily the most effective one but the most balanced one regarding absorption, toxicology, pharmacokinetic changes, interactions with other substances and production costs. Across Barriers offers an extensive spectrum of physicochemical services in order to characterize medical substances beginning at the early stages of drug discovery to the final steps in drug development.


During every phase of the drug discovery and drug development process, reliable data on time lead to success.

The solid knowledge of Across Barriers GmbH and its state-of-the-art technology in the analytic area secure the necessary analytic support of in-vitro-cell and tissue examinations, physicochemical examinations and pharmaceutical problems. Across Barriers GmbH supports its customers in the fields of complex analytic problems from test preparation to method development and validation in the chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. International regulatory standards are of course taken into account. Using our efficient resources, we can support you in routine questions and applications as well as in staff and temporal storage.

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