Across Barriers GmbH was set up with the aim to provide new technologies and services for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries in the research and development sector. In-vitro models of cell and tissue systems serve as the basis for the technology used simulating the transport of substances and formulations across biological barriers. In this process conclusions regarding permeability and absorption can be drawn. The clients of Across Barriers GmbH benefit from such studies in the following fields:

  • Substances not suitable for development can be readily distinguished during the early phases and excluded at this point.
  • As a result time and financial costs accrued during the development of an active substance can be significantly lowered.
  • High-cost and ethically problematic animal experiments can also be reduced to a minimum.
  • In-vitro models permit the classification of formulations that can be administered via new forms, for example inhalation aerosols or transdermal application. In addition they allow mechanistic conclusions on the in-vivo behavior of substances.
  • Across Barriers has S2 laboratories for biological and radioactive operations
  • Since 2003 the company has the permission to work with narcotics agents
  • With the “in vitro bioequivalence” concept Across Barriers helps generic companies to avoid or reduce clinical studies
  • Across Barriers supports its customer by answering a deficiency letter on the basis of in vitro studies

Across Barriers is in the position to provide methods for classifying substances in accordance with the BCS guidelines regulated by the FDA, consequently offering the possibility of being released of in-vivo bio equivalence and in-vivo bioavailability studies.

The use of tissue and cell cultures in the pre-clinic research consequently represents an intelligent and innovative step towards a faster, safer and less expensive development of modern active substances and formulations. Across Barriers develops and distributes validated models in order to secure an advantage in forward-looking technology for its clients.