Pulmonet project finished with Conference in Innsbruck

The conference “Cellular and Molecular biology of the pulmonary alveolar epithelium in health and disease” was the closing up meeting of the Pulmonet network. The latest findings of lung structure and function were presented in a series of talks and in two poster sessions. A highlight of the meeting was an exceptional lecture held by Prof. Dr. Ewald Weibel of the Bern University. In the lecture “What makes a good lung? Structural conditions for efficient gas exchange” Prof. Weibel allowed the audience to participate in his outstanding knowledge of the structure and function of the lung needed for gas exchange.

A multitude of studies presented worked with in vitro models using primary alveolar epithelium or cell lines. These in vitro models are useful for the understanding of complex processes such as gas exchange or drug absorption.

The Pulmonet partners concluded that during the project time important and new findings in the field of pulmonary research have been obtained helping get a better understanding of the processes in pulmonary epithelia. Pulmonet as a Marie Curie network project provided training and research experience for researchers of any age or nationality by giving them the opportunity to spend between three months to three years in another country of the EU as part of this international high-quality research project in the fields of pulmonary research.