Gastrointestinal Systems




The Across Barriers Gastrointestinal models were calibrated with the 19 substances recommended by the FDA. With our Gastrointestinal Absorption Models the following questions could be answered:


  • How can new drugs be classified according to their gastrointestinal permeation or penetration capacity?
  • How can formulations be optimized?
  • How can substances be classified according to the BCS-guidelines of the FDA and EMA?
  • How to investigate the gastrointestinal bioadhesion capacity of different formulations?
  • How to investigate the transport mechanisms (e.g. BCRP, MRP2, pepT – 1, etc.)?




  • Permeability screening
  • Permeability kinetics
  • Efflux investigations (ab, ba)
  • Active transport (4°C)
  • P-glycoprotein inhibitions
  • Influence of excipient / enhancer
  • BCS classification

Excised porcine gut

(Ussing chamber)

  • Permeability kinetics
  • Influence of enhancer
  • Investigation of different gut areas
  • Influence of the formulation

Factsheet "BCS"