Ungual application





Topical therapies are often proposed for treating different nail disturbances. However, the clinical outcome may be limited by the difficulty of active ingredients effectively penetrating the nail plate. Bovine hoof membranes have been widely used to predict in vitro efficacy of drug products in nails. Across Barriers offers a bovine hoof slice in-vitro model to investigate the transungual permeation/retention of APIs.

The following questions can be answered with Across Barriers ungual model:

  • Is an antibacterial or antifungal compound low permeable or high permeable?
  • Is the substance systemically or only locally available?
  • How can I compare different formulations during the development of a new nail lacquer?
  • What influence has my excipient on penetration or permeability?
  • Is the product safe? How to prove it?
  • Is the nail affected by the product?

Factsheet "Ungual application"