Overview & Program


The workshop was being held on Tuesday, June 9th & Wednesday, June 10th of 2015 at the Across Barriers GmbH in the beautiful city of Saarbrücken, Germany.

Thank you very much for your interest in this workshop. It is already completed, but if you are interested in participating in a future workshop, please let us know through the contact form. Thank you very much.

The following topics have been addressed during the in-vitro dermal absorption workshop:

  •    During the theoretical part:
    • Methodologies
    • Models
    • Introduction to the “Saarbrücker Model”
    • Qualification and standardization
    • Guidelines – Regulatory
    • Examples of results
    • Discussion
    • Questions
  •    During the practical part live demonstrations will be performed:
    • Preparation of skin
    • Skin permeation experiments
    • Skin penetration experiments

The workshop has started Tuesday, June 9th at 9am, and did end on Wednesday, June 10th at 4pm.

Dr. Eleonore Haltner (Managing Director of the Across Barriers GmbH) and Prof. Cornelia Keck (Professor for “Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Technology”, University of Applied Sciences (FH) Kaiserslautern, Germany) will be hosting the event and present their experiences, applications and data throughout the event. All live demonstrations will be performed in the Across Barriers GmbH laboratories.

For further information about your host visit:  Across Barriers GmbH

A special delight will be on Tuesday evening: “After effort comes comfort”, a gourmet dinner concocted by the famous and talented Chef Frank Seimetz will be served.

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Be quick to register for the upcoming exclusive Across Barriers In-Vitro Dermal Absorption Workshop.

The Workshop registration fees are 1.250 Euros per person (for early registration). This will include the catering for all the breaks, the dinner experience as well as the lodgings for one night and the registration fees.

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