The ZIM-Network “NanoPharm” announces its first received grant for a project



The German BMWi (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie) gave the green light for a new scientific study through the ZIM-Network „NanoPahrm“.

Now the Partners Dr. Eleonore Haltner, Managing Director of Across Barriers GmbH and Prof. Cornelia Keck, Technical University of Kaiserslautern have received the necessary funding for their study, which is titled: “Topical artificial ex vivo skin model for the development of nanocarrier based formulations for incurable skin diseases.” The goal of the study is to aid the holistic treatment of hard to heal skin diseases. Cosmetic basic care would complement nanocarrier based medication used in the treatment, for example, of neurodermatitis or other skin diseases.

With the ZIM network “Nano Pharm” a platform has been created that enables its members, at an early stage to identify forward-looking fields of research in order to implement them jointly and profitably. The aim is to develop new, safe and effective pharmaceutical products and to bring them to market.
The current grant award happened exceptionally early because Nano Pharm is still in the construction phase. Usually, applications are written and approved after the completion of the network structure.

For more details please visit the German version here.

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