Across Barriers took part at the PharmaForum with a stand and presentation






This year’s focus, at the PharmaForum in the Congresshalle Saarbruecken with more than 100 participants, was “holistic patient care – what can be done by the pharma industry?” “We want to heighten the awareness of the actors in the field, and draw attention to the creation of studies and cooperations that focus on holistic approach”, said the Prime Minister of the state Saarland Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer in the opening speech at this year’s PharmaForum in Saarbruecken.

A central responsibility of the PharmaForum is the advance of cooperation in different fields like R&D, licensing, strategically planning and financing. Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said „With the discussion about holistic patient care, the PharmaForum takes up a theme that is deciding for the future perspective of the supply of drugs and healthcare industry. On the way to holistic patient care more effort is needed in R&D and a good network between universities, independent researchers and cooperations.” The initiation and strengthening of contact between innovative researchers and the pharmaceutical industry has been well established for years at the PharmaForum South West.

Dr. Haltner held a speech about the 3D ocular model. For most of the ophthalmological agents there is no established pharmacokinetics (data about the drug absorption). With the help of the 3D model, which is built up out of 2 human ocular corneal cells, it is possible to simulate the mechanical and chemical barrier functions of the eye and measure the transcorneal permeation of substances and agents. By using this model, the development of ophthalmological drugs can be significantly sped up.

The Across Barriers was present with a stand. As Dr. Haltner is vice president of the EUSAAT, we also represented them.








As in previous years, there was an exhibition which gave the opportunity to build relations or collaborations to other participants.

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